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About SFC

History: Established in 2007, SFC started out as a shipping agent, helping local and foreign companies to ship things out from China at discounted rates. Just as our name suggests, we "Send From China"! We have expanded to include warehousing service and order fulfillment service.

Experience: We are experienced with setting up the processes needed for your fulfillment of B2B or direct to consumer orders. We have the established procedures, equipment, and trained staffs to handle it all effectively. Our facilities are held to the highest standards with regular maintenance, spot-checking, quality control and surveillance. Our staffs are trained to uphold these standards at all times.

System: Our system is designed to be easy and intuitive for online retailers, allowing you to manage your inventory and orders remotely. You can monitor your stocks anywhere, anytime, without the risk of overselling. SFC front-end web-based interface is completely integrated with our back-end pick-and-pack operation. We use barcode technology at every stage.

Storage: Products are stored in a systematic manner, with efficient use of warehouse shelving space to facilitate handling. High-cost items are kept separately. Our warehouse is equipped with fire suppression systems as well as 24 hour surveillance and controlled access to ensure the safety of your products.

Pick-and-Pack: We have a very fast turnaround time. Generally, orders submitted between 10:00 - 24:00 are ready for collection by the carrier within 24 hours. We pick-and-pack using a first-in-first-out system, so your customers are guaranteed to receive their products in optimal condition. We offer free void fill materials for protection against damages during international shipment. Automated weighing to ensure accuracy of shipping charges. In fact, technology is our key in reducing costs, improving efficiency and minimizing errors.

Shipping: Packages are sorted and always double-checked before shipping out. Our knowledge of international shipping enables us to save you money as well as time. SFC has partnerships with many express carriers and postal services, which means that you have plenty of economical shipping options. Take advantage of the low shipping rates that we have negotiated with these reliable shippers. If you are outside China and you are selling Made-in-China products to a global market, then we can help by shipping orders directly from China to your customers anywhere around the world!

Clients: SFC has the experience in working with foreign clients. As most online retailers are foreign-based, we have developed a unique business model that accommodates our remote clientele and allows them to manage everything online. If you need fulfillment that dovetails seamlessly with your e-commerce shopping cart, then we can discuss with you to streamline that process. We make it is easy to run a China warehouse from overseas!

Support: An Account Manager and a Customer Service Rep will be assigned to each registered client to provide personalized support.