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SFC Economic ExpressSFC Economic Express

  • Service name:SFC Economic Express
  • Service code:SFCEXP
  • Scope of delivery:US, Canada, Mexico and EU countries


  • Areas- service covers US, Canada, Mexico and EU countries.
  • Delivery – Worldwide delivery within 3-8 working days.
  • Customs Clearance- Strong Clearance ability enjoys priority in Customs, Aviation department.
  • Order Handling – Order can be dispatched in the day when order received.


SFCEXP offers competitive service by integrate different courier companies for utilize their advantages as we enjoys privilege of priority right in all Postal offices, Customs, and Aviation departments, also there is no fuel surcharge needed.

  • Around 3-8 working days;
    Online Available Time: One working day
  • The actual weight per each single package should be no more than 30 KG, more than one pcs per shipment can be acceptable.
  • 1) The actual weight per each single package should be no more than 30 KG, more than one pcs per shipment can be acceptable.
    2) The Maximum Size: Length < 1.05 M, Length + (length + width) X 2 < 2 M; The shipper need to pay the return cost and take the responsibility for any delay caused if the shipment is oversize.
    3) The Minimum Size: The package or carton box at least has one side > 215 mm, width > 130 mm, the surface of package should be smooth, corrugated board surface shall not be dew stare blankly
    4) Round Roll Packing- The minimum size: Length >300 mm, diameter >60 mm;
    5) When the local postal office has new rules relate to weight, size changes, customer shall follow the new rules.
  • Charge by actual weight.
  • No other surcharge.
  • Packages can be tracked directly from our website.;
    Shipper can initiate a trace from customer service if package was failed in delivery and exceed the delivery time frame, but package will not able to track from local postal office if one month later after shipped.
    SFCEXP service takes at least 2 months for order investigation before any response.
  • 1) The import duty & tax depends on declare value or product category in local customs.
    2) The import duty & tax might be various bases on different customs’ regulations.
    3) The duty & tax need to be paid by shipper if the consignee refuses to pay.
  • SFCEXP has no insurance service available.;
    We are not able to take any responsibility dues to customs inspection, weather or any event of force majeure or contingencies beyond control caused package lost or delayed in delivery.
  • The packages return back to HK directly.
  • Copyright/ Patented items, Spay Container, Alcohol and liquid items, asbestos, butane fire lighter, Medical waste, toxic and corrosive items, counterfeit note, drugs, drikold, flammables and explosives items, obscene object, magnetic items over standard limit, Oxide and organic peroxides, weapons and ammunition, deliquescent paint, and any other illegal items.
    Articles for restrictions
    Battery, battery contained item, medicines for emergency use or scientific research purpose, sports guns, live animals, Also some items like magnetics, corrosive, emissive, vaccine that under limit.

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