Business-to-Business-to-Consumer (B2B2C)

Prior to selling online, the retailer sends a bulk of foreign products to a Customs Bonded Warehouse for storage (or request us to collect at the airport/port and transfer to the Customs Bonded Warehouse). When a Chinese shopper buys online, the warehouse will fulfill the order and prepare it for Customs clearance, including paying the Personal Postal Articles Tax. After clearance, a domestic express courier will deliver the order directly to the end-user. The retailer or merchant must be a China-registered enterprise and must register itself and its product(s) with the Chinese Customs.


Suitable for:

  • China-registered enterprises that sell foreign products online.
  • Order value not more than RMB 500.
  • Consumer products with high repeat purchases (e.g. milk powder, baby food, etc.).
  • Established businesses with proven sales records.


  • Lower cost from bulk purchase.
  • Lower logistics cost due to consolidated international freight.
  • Faster turnaround time and delivery time
  • Faster Customs clearance.

B2B2C Process Flow

Total system integration with the Chinese Customs and Inspection Departments. Convenient and fast clearance.

B2B2C Operations

  • Registers company with the Customs (B2B2C is for China-registered enterprises only).
  • Integrates system.
  • Registers product(s) with the Customs.
  • Arrange freight to Customs Bonded Warehouse.
  • Uses OMS for orders & inventory management.

  • Collects & stores product(s) in Customs Bonded Warehouse.
  • Fulfills orders & pastes shipping labels.
  • Clearance & helps to pay Personal Postal Articles Tax.
  • Arranges delivery with domestic express couriers.